Evolving Voice is a new kind of social venture that empowers people to find, use, and evolve their voices for good online and in real life.

We have lofty goals and do not shy away from difficult or divisive issues. Evolving Voice is a catalyst for inspiring a better world and a more compassionate society powered by discussion and healthy debate to replace hate and negative judgments. Communication is the most important tool for a better world, yet we risk losing this by engaging only with comfortable opinions and staying within our echo chambers. Our voices have the power to spread a message and create change. We need to be mindful of this ability and purposeful with its potential.

Evolving Voice is everyone's voice. It is a language of connection based on understanding those outside your circle and engaging other viewpoints and perspectives shared with kindness and compassion. It’s about looking at the other side and understanding that LOVE is needed to EVOLVE. We want to build our empathy muscle and help others do the same.


To create interesting experiences and instruments that ignite kind conversations for Social Evolution.


To create a more compassionate society. To see people willing to evolve socially and to take responsibility for their power. To promote discussion and healthy debate to replace extreme divisiveness.


We embrace our freedom of speech and are open to all positions
We do not support hate or violence
We believe all people basically care and want the same things… health, happiness, peace, connection, joy, independence, accomplishment and respect.
We believe the best communication is done with curiosity and compassion, courage and integrity.

Meet the Team Sparking Change

Chris Carew

Chris is an artist and creative entrepreneur whose curiosity keeps him searching for answers.

Christine Van Pelt

Be Curious resonates with me and is one of my favorite patches because it is such a simple statement, yet it says so much. Curiosity, wanting to know more about anything, wanting to experience and see something outside of your safe space is where tolerance and empathy are born.

Claudia Neira

Every day has its challenges, but if we work hard with love and happiness taking one day at the time to meet the goals we have and giving the best we can, we will be proud of ourselves at the end of each day.

Dan Cleary

I just really like doing epic shit, you know?

Destany Stith

This is something you have to do to stay true to yourself. The thing is that it is so hard to do these days. Now, information is a touch away. Read a book, search the web, talk to people and form YOUR OWN opinions and thoughts. Are they really your thoughts if other people are giving them to you?

Jinyen Carew

We are all. We need to treat each other with respect. If we all did this, our world would be a better place. Spread love is my motto, because we all need it.

Kelsey Sikon

My favorite patch is “Revolution Is The Solution,” for this same reason. I think it is SO important to act rather than waiting for the world to change. There are so many important things that must be addressed NOW like climate change, racism, and financial inequality. If we don’t seek to revolutionize and change now, we may never get a chance to do so before our world is past the points of repair.

Laura Tufariello

We can get better as a society by increasing the tolerance, empathy, and compassion we all want for ourselves and giving it to others. Let’s Evolve not just for survival but to make the world a better place for all people and things. We will never be perfect but we will be a lot happier if we develop, expand, practice and use our highest form of compassion and humanity.

Lisa Harpster

The patch that speaks to me is Understanding is Love. I am constantly harping on my kids to think about why that person did xyz, or to give someone a break...we are short on empathy these days. I think we are moving too fast to take a moment, and sometimes to give a moment, to listen.

Maddy Morency

We as humans are basically hardwired to seek out information that confirms rather than challenges our belief systems. Algorithmic news stories and targeted ads seek to further serve this base instinct. Only by consciously seeking out other viewpoints and engaging with the other side can we ever fully understand a problem in all its nuances.

TJ Ferrari

Means to take a moment and appreciate something decisive. Enjoy the mundane and see the beauty that is already created by the world. It is our job to recognize these beautiful moments and enjoy our existence.

Willow Cox

Be Curious. Stay Curious

Willy Wheeler

If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution.

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